Lyn Christian Speaker - Everything Food Conference

Lyn Christian has been called a “woman of courage” and “the coach’s coach.” She holds a degree in education from Brigham Young University, Master Coach Certification from the International Coach Federation, and coaching certificates from Franklin Covey and Marshall Goldsmith’s elite executive coach training.

Lyn is the founder and owner of two coaching related companies: SoulSalt Inc. and Ultimate Coach University.

She has several publications credited to her efforts. Many as a ghost writer for Franklin Covey which include Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play: The Demise of Dysfunctional Selling and more recently her own book Fearless Kisses and the e-book The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: A Self-Coaching Guide to Small Business.

Recently she was named as “Fittest Female Executive – 50 and Over” by Utah Business Magazine and she has appeared on Hair Designer T.V., 30 Minutes of Wisdom with the Enlightened Network, and as a guest speaker on a John Maxwell Mastermind group hosted by Vivianne MacKinder . You’ll also find articles about Lyn in past issues of American Salon and Wasatch Woman Magazines.

When Lyn is not out there coaching, she’s pushing herself to learn new skills. Her most recent adventure has been to face-off with her childhood fear of drowning by entering competitive sports after the age of 50. She now competes in Sprint Triathlons.

During her time in the corporate setting Lyn rose to the position of Director of Innovation in the product development sector for Franklin Covey Coaching and then for Legacy Learning LLC. However, the entrepreneurial spirit that drove her as a kid to organize neighborhood rodeos and earn an income doing jobs like mowing lawns and digging post holes has been strong in her. And it is this dream-chasing spirit that drives Lyn’s work today. She is intent on getting remarkable results as she supports her clients.

These results include:

  • An independent ROI study with Paul Mitchell the Schools executive team accrued a 42% increase in bookings, a 100% retention factor and a savings of over $57,000 for the year spent working with Lyn.
  • Rich Tafel, founder of Four Squared and a political strategist received a 372.8% return on his investment by working with Lyn. This engagement netted him $4.73 for every dollar he spent. Then Rich turned around and used the strategies gained through coaching to assist his own client in accruing a $ 3 million dollar grant. The estimated ROI reflects a 6,600% return and an exciting chain of impact from Lyn’s work with Rich.
  • Franklin Covey also noted in a formal ROI study that by working with Lyn their Project Management and Innovation office accrued 4 million dollars over a 9 month period.

Lyn believes in getting results. She believes that it is the Innovator, the Visionary and the Entrepreneur that will support the events to eventually bring peace and harmony to this planet.

She believes that big business and governments are not as empowered as those of us who want to earn our living and live our lives by doing what inspires us.