We are honored to have Filippo Berio as one of our generous sponsors.  Their rich, flavorful olive oils are perfect for any food blogger and creating recipes. We are anxious for their olive oil taste testing and to interact with their incredible team.  Welcome Filippo Berio!

 Filippo Berio - Everything Food Conference

In 1867, in the small town of Lucca, Italy, a young man named Filippo Berio set out to follow his passion and shape his future. The picturesque countryside, filled with olive groves sweeping over rolling hills, inspired him to become a maker of olive oil.

Filippo Berio devoted himself to becoming a master of his craft. First, by finding the very finest olives, then by pressing them with exquisite care to produce the purest, most delicious oil. He quickly earned a reputation as the unquestioned Olive Oil Virtuoso of his time.

Proud of his work and overjoyed by the success of his efforts, Filippo Berio insisted on putting his signature on every bottle he made. Today his legacy remains the gold standard against which all olive oils are measured. Not just in his home town of Lucca, but around the world.

FILIPPO BERIO Sponsorship - Everything Food Conference

When you choose Filippo Berio® Olive Oil, you are choosing a product steeped in the tradition and expertise of our founder, Filippo Berio. His uncompromising standards and passion for food inspired him to craft olive oil with exquisite flavor – made from only the finest ingredients. For nearly 150 years, the superior quality of Filippo Berio Olive Oil has inspired food lovers like you to create delicious meals for family and friends. Filippo Berio® is truly The First and Last Name in Olive Oil.