EFC2019 Speed Networking: Important Dates and Tips

Congratulations on snatching one of the highly coveted speed networking tickets!  You are going to love these 8 minute, high-paced, get-down-to-business meetings with our sponsors.  You will potentially meet up to 18 sponsor representatives. 

Here are important dates and details for you to know:

  • Speed Networking will be organized through a program called Meeting Mojo.  It allows you to schedule your meetings prior to the event.  All meetings are double opt-in which means both sponsor and attendee must either accept or reject the meeting in order to solidify the meeting.
  • You will receive an invite on Monday, April 8th to set up your Meeting Mojo profile.  Please add as much information as possible to your profile.  This will help the sponsors clearly know who you are.  You will only have one week to fully set up your profile.
  • On Monday, April 15th, you will be given permission to start requesting and finalizing meetings with sponsor representatives.  You must choose to accept or reject any meeting requests in order to free up a time slot. 
  • Speed Networking  meetings are held Wednesday, May 1st from 5:00 to 6:30 pm and Thursday, May 2nd from 8:00 to 9:30 am.  PLEASE be in the speed networking room 20 minutes prior to the event starting.  More details to come. 
  • You must approach these meetings like you would a job interview.  Dress professionally, research the brands ahead of time, have specific ideas on how you would work with them to successfully promote their products or services, and prepare a clear, concise 1 minute elevator pitch.
  • You only have 8 minutes to wow the sponsors so practice, practice, practice!!!  Most of us are nervous about selling ourselves.  Totally normal!  Grab your spouse, find a friend, or ask your mom to listen and provide constructive, kind feedback on your elevator pitch.  PRACTICE your elevator pitch several times so you can be precise and confident. 
  • The greatest questions you can ask sponsors during speed networking are: What are your current marketing goals? What products or services are you currently focusing on promoting?  If you have already worked with bloggers, what campaigns have been most successful for you? THEN share how YOU can specifically help meet those goals. 

Speed Networking has a proven history of being very successful for attendees in solidifying sponsored work.  Since I want the same success for you, PLEASE come prepared and ready to impress the sponsors with your professionalism.  You will be fabulous!!!

Please make sure to read every email we send your way since this is how we will keep you updated on all additional details.  Thank you, Everything Foodies!!!  We’ll see you very soon!