Amy Roskelley - Super Healthy Kids Speaker

Amy Roskelley, mother of 3, and co-owner at Super Healthy Kids, is passionate about inspiring kids and families to live their healthiest lives!   When she isn’t in the kitchen creating new recipes for fruits and veggies, she is often outside with her kids enjoying the mountains and trails of Utah.

While her kids used to be picky about food, they now are adventurous and will eat almost anything.   They love salad for lunch, broccoli for a snack, and can be found boiling their own eggs and making their own baked potatoes.  Amy’s message is that kids can do hard things, it’s possible for them to prefer healthy food, and as parents, we have the ability to teach them healthy habits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives!

Natalie Monson - Super Healthy Kids SpeakerNatalie Monson - Super Healthy Kids Speaker

Natalie Monson is a registered dietitian and co-owner of Super Healthy Kids.   Before joining Amy and Super Healthy Kids, Natalie was working in the medical field with people suffering from chronic illness.   She saw first-hand how nutrition and fitness can play a significant role in preventing disease and improve quality of life.

With 3 small children of her own, Natalie is dedicated to help create a healthy and empowered future generation.   You can always find a variety of fruits and veggies in her kitchen and her kids get to be the test subjects of many recipes creations for Super Healthy Kids.   Natalie loves her vegetable garden, running races,  and being active with her kids.