SideChef is an all-in-one home cooking platform that supports both rising culinary stars and budding cooks around the world. SideChef aims to provide a gateway for bloggers to enter into new technological spaces such as voice assistants like Alexa, as well as smart home appliances. The organization aims to foster community amongst culinary personalities and food-tech brands to bring delightful experiences to home cooks.

Joining us from SideChef is:
– Sandie Markle, Director of Content Management – Leading a team of content managers and editors, Sandie is an expert in recipe optimization and has defined industry best practices for content quality that enhance guided cooking experiences across web, app, and smart hub devices.
– Kiley Gasparovic, Communications Manager – An agency alum with experience in brand, digital marketing, and communications, Kiley helps partners uncover ways to promote their personal brand.
– Carey Pearson, VP of Marketing – As a global leader in brand communications, Carey’s strategic initiatives help partners reach new audiences and drive revenue.
– Alexis Watts, Director of Content Acquisition – With 7+ years experience in publishing and partnerships, Alexis founded SideChef’s micro-influencer program and has a passion for nurturing and growing rising stars in the culinary world.