Brooke Lark

Brooke Lark started her blog in 2007, hoping to make $500/month. A natural at digital marketing, she reached the goal within 6 months, and was hired by Betty Crocker within 12. From there, business boomed beyond her wildest expectations. Over the last 11 years, that tiny kitchen table sidehustle turned first into a full-time career, and she now leads Lark&Co Creative Agency, a content creation team founded to help food companies build beautiful brands. One of the most known downloaded photographers on Unsplash, her photos are downloaded more than 100 million times per month. Cover photographer for Delicious Living magazine, her work has also been featured on Where Women Work, Silicon Valley Edible, and has helped build brands like Disney’s Babble, housewares company GoodCook and Shark Tank’s Spoonful of Comfort. More than anything, Brooke has a passion for helping other foodies kickstart their careers with no-nonsense tips, tricks and tutorials. Follow her on Instagram for weekly insights that will help you build a pretty presence online, with authenticity, humor and a helluva lot of fun.