Jesseca from One Sweet Appetite once again is sharing a delicious recipe!  We’re beyond excited to have her contribute and attend our inaugural year of Everything Food Conference.

I have got a little six year old here in the One Sweet Appetite home that absolutely LOVES donuts. During the summer we were frequent visitors to the local bakery down the street but recently discovered a super simple sugar donut recipe that was too good to pass up.
sugar donut 2

I feel almost like I am cheating on that little bakery. Making my own donuts was always super intimidating and something I never really thought I would dare try. The good news is that they are not too difficult at ALL and now that I have had a few practice runs under my belt I am planning to try sooooo many different variations.

My secret? Canned dough. That’s right people! I use a canned biscuit as the base. Having the dough premade saves me time and stress and they taste insanely delicious. All you really have to do is pop the can open, roll out slightly, cut out the center, and fry. Easy peasy.

sugar donuts

As for the toppings… Our family favorite has to be cinnamon and sugar. When your donut is fresh out of the fryer just give it a light dusting and voila! Instant fried dough goodness. We have also tried dipping the tops in chocolate, strawberry glaze, or just a classic vanilla. My son LOVES to help with this one. He is great at rolling the biscuits out and cutting out the center. I’m not sure he’s quite ready to help with frying but one day….

If you want one more variation try skipping the hole cutting step and filling your pastries with cream or jelly. Just use a pipping bag for quick and mess free application!