A great way to use your leftover sticky buns…….french toast them of course!

Sticky Bun French Toast

Christina with FoodApparel.com here and I am speaking out as your french toast advocate today. Because you know, sounds like a cool official title.

My first assumption with the delicious meal of sticky bun french toast is that you have taken the time to make a delicious pastry, like cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, croissants. (Or hey, cheater method you can do this with anything that you buy – aka, Costco in all of their bulky goodness, local bakery, my sister-in-law…..anyone else that wants to give me food, etc.)

Second assumption is that you have leftovers. As if you actually have any leftover sticky buns. Hahaha.

But in the rare event that you do have some type of delicious pastry leftover, you want to read ahead. Seriously though, I have become obsessed with “french toasting” everything. Because sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach or I actually exercise a little bit of restraint, or something along those lines. But I’ve realized that I love sticky buns and cinnamon rolls and croissants and things of the like freshy fresh, and then when they are not, well, they are good, but not great, and I’d rather not waste the calories on a dried out pastry. (Am I getting picky lately, or WHAT?)

Sticky Bun French Toast

But seriously, hear me out. Instead of reaching for that day old (or even hour old) croissant/sticky bun/cinnamon roll, I have a much better plan for its future. “French toast” it. Yes.

It’s as easy as it sounds. I scramble up approximately one egg per one pastry (I always slice the pastries in half, so one egg per two “toasts”). I personally like to blend one tablespoon of milk per egg into the mix, but you can just stay straight egg if you’d like. Vanilla? Well, in my normal french toast it is a MUST. But with these, there are already so many flavors going on, but, hey, a little vanilla never hurt anyone.

Sticky Bun French Toast

If you are making sticky buns or cinnamon rolls, that’s it. You’re done. Dip, fry, and delish. If you are doing this with croissants, I love to also add a little fresh ground nutmeg and cinnamon on top when they are cooking, and why not a little orange zest at times?!? Eat your heart out.

Sticky Bun French Toast

I hope you have a great day and “french toast all the things!”