Everything Food Conference Speed Networking

What is Speed Networking?

Speed Networking is an exclusive, ‘speed dating’ style event where attendees meet one-on-one with a sponsor representative prior to the conference officially kicking off.  This quality one-on-one time provides an opportunity for attendees to stand out from the masses.

The goal is to connect attendees with the companies and brands they want to do business with. The meetings are brief, focused, let’s-get-down-to-business, and scheduled ahead of time-based when accepted by both parties. Examples of use:

  • Establish partnerships
  • Discuss media kits and determine how to work together
  • Discuss sponsorship and advertising opportunities
  • Evaluate affiliate marketing relationships
  • Provide product feedback

What companies will participate in Speed Networking?

We anticipate at least 30 companies and brands (food, kitchenware, technology, photography, etc.) with several representatives from each.

What attendees will be participating in Speed Networking?

Only those who have purchased a Speed Networking ticket HERE.

How is Speed Networking organized?

[IMPORTANT!] Before the conference: Speed Networking attendees and sponsors will be given access to an online meeting scheduler, in order to request and book meetings. The online meeting scheduler will be accessible starting 4 weeks prior to EFC.

At the conference: Companies participating in Speed Networking will sit at tables in a spacious room. We will announce the 1st meeting time slot is beginning. Speed Networking attendees with scheduled meetings in their 1st-time slot will locate the correct company table and begin their meeting with the representatives onsite. After 7 minutes, we will announce it is time for the 2nd time slot. Speed Networking attendees will then have 1 minute to make their way to the next table and begin their next meeting. This will continue until Speed Networking ends.

How is Speed Networking more advantageous than visiting brands at their booths throughout the conference?

With Speed Networking, you have concentrated face-to-face time with the businesses you want to work with.  You can get your business done without fighting for attention when booths are busy with other attendees.  Also, the brands know ahead of time who you are and can prepare best on how to work together.

Speed Networking participants have pre-conference access to an exclusively online meeting scheduler where they can meet, vet, and connect with the brands interested in doing business.