Artificial Lighting Made Easy! 

In this workshop, Christina Peters will talk about all the artificial lighting options you have available to you, how to use them, and explain which ones you need to use for certain shooting situations.

She will demonstrate how to use mixed lighting as well as several other lighting demonstrations to give you new ideas and a better understanding of what options you have when it comes to lighting!

The morning will include instruction followed by a short break for lunch. After lunch, students will work on their own photography projects with Christina’s help all afternoon. This is an intermediate class so students must have a general understanding of f-stop, shutter speeds, ISO and white balance.

Please note, this is not a beginner’s food photography workshop.

This session will run on 4/29 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Attendees will also have 6-month access to the Food Photography Club.

So get ready to take your lighting expertise to the next level with this informational, hands-on workshop!!

Tickets on sale now!