These peanut butter cookies are soft and chewy which is the perfect combination for a quick sweet treat!


If you like cookies (and I think most people do) this recipe needs to be on your must make list. It has got the slightly crunchy exterior with a soft and chewy center which is definitely as close to cookie perfection as you can get. I love the little indent marks that we have become familiar on top of these peanut butter rounds. Teaching my six year old how to turn the fork in the right direction to get those fun criss cross patterns was one of my favorite memory making experiences. There was no need to make them perfect and he was thrilled to do more than add the ingredients to the mixer. It is always fun to get a little more hands on when you are including the little ones.


I used a creamy peanut butter but have also made these with crunchy and boy-oh-boy are they to die for! Try dipping half into a little melted chocolate or stirring some chips straight into the batter. You end up with a flavor combination that is so good you will watch it disappear before your eyes!




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