Jesseca from One Sweet Appetite once again is sharing a delicious recipe!  We’re beyond excited to have her contribute and attend our inaugural year of Everything Food Conference.

Prepare for summer with this easy no churn chocolate chip ice cream!


It is slowly starting to warm up outside! Well, maybe that is a little wishful thinking on my part but I can’t help dream of summer. This California girl is not used to the long cold winters that are part of the Utah seasons. To help me prepare for the warm months ahead I have started to collect easy frozen treats.

No-churn ice creams are always a big hit with my family. They are surprisingly creamy and typically take less than 5 ingredients. My six year old lives for the days when we get to create a new flavor. He constantly throws out ideas for our next concoction and I have to admit some of his wacky creations taste pretty darn good.

chocolate chip ice cream

You will want to start by collecting two simple ingredients: Sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream. Those two things will act as your ice cream base. Whip the cream until it gets nice stiff peaks and set it aside. This is when you get to use your imagination but today I am keeping it pretty simple. In a separate bowl add the sweetened milk. Stir in any ingredients you want, so in this case that would be a bit of vanilla extract and some chopped chocolate. I have also been so daring as to add chocolate syrup, banana pudding, and chopped candy bars. Fold in your heavy cream and freeze solid. That is it! In just a few minutes you’ve got a creamy base ready to be frozen. Can you believe that?

This ice cream is rich, creamy, and delicious. Keep it in mind the next time you want to have a quick family activity.