Kevin Kurtz

Kevin Kurtz is a marketing expert and entertainment producer with 20 years of experience managing and growing legendary entertainment franchises including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pokémon, The Sims, and Words With Friends. His work at Lucasfilm, Electronic Arts, Disney/Pixar, and Zynga spanned theatrical, home entertainment, TV and video games across all media platforms. Kevin has produced and promoted blockbuster films, award-winning documentaries, trailers, TV commercials, video games and mobile/online content delighting audiences of all ages and generating more than $5 billion in revenue worldwide. Now Kevin is excited to team up with his wife, professional chef/baker Gemma Stafford, to create the #1 online baking brand and destination, He produces Bigger Bolder Baking and runs their media company, Taste Buds Entertainment, sharing Gemma’s Bold Baking style with the world.