Jumbo Honey-Oat Bran Muffins

Ok, here’s the deal. I’m gonna be 100% honest with you.

Being a professional food blogger is extremely hard for me. It’s not because of the sweets I have lingering around the house at any given hour. It’s not because of all the time sitting behind the computer.

It’s because I make ugly food.

I don’t know what it is about the things that come out of my oven. Or my blender. Or anything really.

Just yesterday after my workout, I went to make a green smoothie for my wife and myself. So of course, you’re expecting something green to be produced, right? Well, apparently when you add bananas, peaches, and blueberries in with your spinach, you end up with something very ugly. It started out a dark green, went to gray, and before I knew it I was sipping on black juice.

Talk about not appealing!



And let’s talk a bit about these muffins. Have you seen a muffin so ugly? I’m not sure I ever have!

This is what happened. I wanted ginormous muffins. You know, like Costco’s muffins that you could eat for like four meals?

So I got out my ginormous jumbo muffin tin and started fillin’ those babies up. Obviously a little too full. Like 3/4’s full instead of 1/2 like I should have.

The came out of the oven completely joined into one big muffin. I had to cut them apart with a knife. I thought they were doomed for the trash.

And then I tasted one warm and right out of the oven and knew I couldn’t NOT share these with you.


I decided right then and there that you deserved these muffins even if they are the ugliest muffins known to mankind. Because outside of being ugly, they are full of so much homestyle flavor. They remind you of home-cookin’ baked goods. They remind you of Sunday mornings. They remind you of childhood.

Ahhh! You have got to give these a shot because you know what? We do not judge a muffin by it’s cover. It’s what’s on the inside that counts!