Jackelin Slack

Jackelin Slack is the photographer behind Salted City, a food blog based out of Salt Lake City featuring mouth-watering images of mostly plant-based, original recipes, as well as the creative director and photographer of Jackelin Slack Productions (jackelinslack.com),a photography services company she founded in 2002 in her childhood state of Florida.

Jackelin shoots the majority of her work in her natural light studio, as well as on location. A true believer in lifetime learning, she recently added artificial food lighting to her arsenal of skills in order to create stunning imagery for her clients under any lighting

circumstances. She is a faithful Lightroom disciple (sorry, Photoshop!) and believes wholeheartedly that 99.9 percent of all editing can be done in Lightroom alone. This is Jackelin’s second time as a photography mentor at the Foodie Bootcamp.