Thank you talented Holly for this delicious dip recipe!  I can’t wait to try it.  Amazing things are coming together for our conference and would not want you to miss a thing!  Check out this fabulous recipe and then come register.

This cheesy dip is the best appetizer for the holiday, and your guests won’t even know that it’s healthy!


Hey there! It’s Holly from Happy Food Healthy Life once again. I’m coming to you this month with a recipe that gets me so excited for the holiday. No, it’s not something pumpkin. It’s not peppermint either. Or gingerbread!

In fact, it’s not really a holiday flavor at all. Stick with me here. You’ll see where I’m going.


You know what I hate when it comes to holiday dinners (besides cranberry sauce)?

I hate the fact that you do all you can to show up on time. You got the kids dressed, the side dish made, the sparkling apple juice or wine picked up, and you barely got yourself ready (in fact, if you’re anything like me, you probably did your makeup in the car on the way there). You know what I mean, right? Holidays are just stressful!

But anyway, so you get out the door on time, you show up with cheery faces on. Only to find out the biggest bummer in the world…

Dinner is still at least an hour away from being ready. UGH! Are you kidding me!

Such. a. Downer.


This year, you are going to be the hero of the show. Not only are you going to show up with cute kids, your assigned dish and drinks, but you’re going to bring a bowl of this super healthy spicy cheddar cheese dip.

Oh my gah! You have no idea. They’re going to love you!

And the best part is that it really won’t take much time out of your hectic day. With just 3 ingredients (not counting the spices), it came together in the food processor in minutes. And you can serve it cold, so you don’t have to worry about finding oven or microwave space when you get there.

Just walk in, set it on the table with some bread, veggies, and apples, and you will win the thanksgiving game. (ie, all the husbands will LOVE you) Just don’t tell them how healthy it is!

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