Healthy Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Truffles

Hey there – it’s Holly again from Happy Food Healthy Life, and I’m getting so excited for the upcoming conference so I can meet some of my favorite online foodies from all over the country. People I have admired and looked up to for years, I finally get to meet and talk food with you all! One of my biggest passions and I know one of yours.

Until then, I will just need to talk food with you here.

I gotta talk to you about my favorite candy bar. Almond Joy all the way. I love coconut (like obsessively). Of course, I love the almond, but it is a little annoying that you only get one almond. I’d much rather there be a little almond in every bite. And the chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, chocolate is amazing. Duh. But I’d much more prefer dark chocolate over the milk chocolate of an Almond Joy. Basically if you could combine a Mounds bar with an Almond Joy, I’d be thrilled.

So I did what any normal foodie would do. I took matters into my own hands and made it happen myself. Who needs manufacturers to create candy bars when you are completely capable to customize candy to your liking in your own kitchen.

Oh, and here’s the kicker. I even made it a little healthy… without making it TASTE healthy! Seriously! Raw almond butter so the almonds are spread throughout each bite. The coconut is unsweetened. It’s coated in dark chocolate. And I even added a bit of protein powder (totally optional) to balance things out.


Healthy Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Truffles

5 ingredients. Just a few minutes time. That’s all it takes to make these bites of deliciousness happen. And I have to admit. I actually like them better than store-bought Almond Joys.

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