Honey Roasted Peanuts are so quick and easy to make at home!

easy homemade honey roasted peanutsChristina here from FoodApparel.com. So, we’re kind of NUT addicts around my house. There were some weird ideas about nuts when I was a kid. I remember hearing that nuts were actually bad for you. That they have so many calories and fat……yadayadayada.

Well, I know that the rumor still exists, but I think that anyone that has actually done any research into nuts knows that they are actually really GOOD for you! They are considered a high-protein, high-energy and high-nutrient food and actually there are some awesome global campaigns where peanuts are the feature to stop malnutrition. Go NUTS!!!

honey roasted peanuts 2

What happens though when you buy those yummy nuts in the fancy store packaging? Well, don’t wanna burst the bubble, but you will often find that along with the nutrients, there have been quite a few questionable ingredients added. Usually TONS of sodium, sometimes hydrogenated oils, and all sorts of preservatives.

That’s why I absolutely LOVE making honey roasted peanuts at home. They are so easy! And then I know exactly what is going on them.

It literally takes 15 minutes to make these. So fast! Power snack. Kids love ’em. What more could you ask for?

I like to start with completely raw peanuts which I can buy at the bulk section of one of my local grocers. But if you are having a hard time finding those, try dry roasted – you just won’t need to cook these as long since they have been roasted previously.

You can also use this recipe on cashews. Just decrease your cook time by A LOT! Like I’m talking go about 5 minutes. Since they are such a softer nut, they will scorch easily if you are not watching closely.


honey roasted peanuts 3