Coronavirus and EFC

Hello Everything Foodies!

We can understand and empathize why many of you have questions, concerns, stresses, and fears as the media and world continues to follow the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Please know we are all under a tremendous amount of pressure at this time. 
We are staying up-to-date from credible sources such as the CDC and the WHO.  We don’t currently have reason to believe that it will disrupt travel or gatherings come April 30th, but we are staying on top of the latest reports, advisories and recommendations about events and travel, and we will follow guidance from reliable sources. 
We ask you to please be patient and calm as we all wait for more data and information which will continue to come over the next few weeks. As a privately owned event that takes over a year to plan, fund, coordinate, and execute, our team is confident in the plans we have in place based on all of the “what ifs” of an event that is still 7 weeks awayBased on the recent updated risk assessment of the CDC, we plan to move forward as planned with EFC. 

Please know we are monitoring the situation closely. We have a plan in place for all scenarios: continuing as planned, continuing with reduced attendance, postponing, or canceling. We will make a final decision regarding the conference by April 15th.

Again, please be patient and remain calm as we allow more time for more information.

Kami and the EFC Team