coconut popsicle - No Diets Allowed

This post is sponsored by the incredible Bai5.  Here in Utah… it’s scorching!  We just had three days of 100 degree weather, and it’s not cooling off any time soon.  The 4th of July is tomorrow which means lots of family fun outside and, of course, lots and lots of food!  It’s time to whip out your popsicle makers.  These popsicles only have 2 ingredients and are quick and easy to make.  Did I mention tasty?

strawberry popsicle - Food Blogging Conference

Bai5 has a plethora of satisfying flavors.  My personal favorite is Molokai CoconutIt’s subtle sweet coconut flavor compliments the fresh strawberries.  Although I love me some coconut, I definitely enjoyed other flavors.  Check them out!

Also, I love these popsicle makers.  The form turns out great each time.  When you’re ready to remove your popsicles, run under warm water for about a minute.  They will easily slide out.  Get ready to enjoy your strawberry coconut popsicles!

coconut water popsicles - Food Blogging Conference

We’re working hard on Everything Food Conference. We feel that you, hard-working food bloggers, deserve an event where you leave feeling rejuvenated, educated, and absolutely STUFFED full of great food. We are working with some really exciting sponsors and presenters and anxious to share every detail with you!  This food blogger conference will knock your socks off.

In the mean time while you patiently wait to hear who all our great sponsors and speakers will be, go treat yourself to these strawberry coconut popsicles and have a safe, fun 4th of July!

coconut popsicles - Food Blogging Conference