Jesseca from One Sweet Appetite once again is sharing a delicious recipe!  We’re beyond excited to have her contribute and attend our inaugural year of Everything Food Conference.

I am a firm believer that everyone needs a great recipe for classic chocolate chip cookies. I mean… they are the best and my person go-to when I need something sweet. This recipe, while not puffy, is super soft and packed with chocolate flavor.

chocolate chip cookies 3

We have two very different types of cookie lovers in my family. My mom prefers a soft and chewy version while my dad goes straight for the crisp ones. Both, in my opinion, are equally delicious. The soft and chewy are the ones I grab as a quick sweet fix while the crispy are the ones I tend to lean towards for dipping. All you need is a nice big glass of milk and you have got the perfect dessert.

THESE cookies kind of fall into both of those categories. The edges have a wonderful crunchy feel while the middle is soft and perfect. We have played around with the different types of chocolates used and both milk chocolate or semi sweet work extremely well. My absolute favorite would have to be the mini chocolate chips. It ensures you get a chocolate filled bite every single time.

chocolate chip cookies 2

So, what are you waiting for? Bust out the mixer, prep your pans, and get a batch of these in the oven right away! If you are feeling super generous you could even make an extra batch and share it with your friends and family. OR you could just keep them all and eat them yourself. Just make sure you have a lot of milk on hand.