Plain old Kale Chips boring you out? Here are a few ideas to season them up for a fresh new flavor!

Cayenne Kale Chips (and other variations)

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2016! WOOOOO! Only a couple months until Everything Food Conference!  Have you seen the HUGE sale on January 16th?  Make sure to snatch a ticket.

So, I think I kind of say this every year, but I look back and feel like the previous year of my life was a total tornado. Train wreck. Fast and furious. Whatever you want to call it. Maybe it’s the fact that I have three very young children right now. But, “oooo-eeee” last year kinda owned me. I always have high ambitions, and never quite find the time to get it all done. It’s frustrating at times. But really, when I stand back, I realize I actually have accomplished a lot and have nothing to complain about. I have a wonderful family and enjoy so many blessings on a daily basis. I am truly grateful for my life.

You know what else is frustrating? Kale. Isn’t it? Hahaha! Maybe not. But in the words of Jim Gaffigan, “Kale is a superfood and it’s special power is tasting bad.” Click here for the video.

Cayenne Kale Chips (and other variations)

I don’t quite feel that way. I actually really like kale chips. I mean, I’ve even gotten my 3 and 4 year old to eat them. And not just eat them, but actually really like them. It’s fantastic. (Hint: anything I call a french fry or chip seems to be received much better by them. Interesting how that works out, eh.) But, they even get bored of just the olive oil and salt combo. So, I found a few other spices in my cupboard and thought, hey, why not? Let’s try these out for a change. And I was super happy with the results! Here are our favorites, so give them a try sometime to keep enjoying kale, at least while it’s still trendy and affordable.

Cayenne Kale Chips (and other variations)

Cayenne Pepper – for a little kick.

Garlic Powder – this one is classically good.

Kick’n Chicken – I know – sounds weird. Says chicken. But I seriously use this spice combo on EVERYTHING from chicken, to pot stickers, to well, everything!

Kernel Season’s White Cheddar – although this is originally a popcorn seasoning, it kind of rocks and I am always trying to find more food to put it on.