Jesseca from One Sweet Appetite once again is sharing a delicious recipe!  We’re beyond excited to have her contribute and attend our inaugural year of Everything Food Conference.

I have a sweet tooth today and these caramel bars are the perfect way to help satisfy my craving.

caramel bars

If a recipe has oats in the topping would that make it a breakfast?


No? I thought I would at least try. These caramel bars a sweet concoction that I grew up loving. My grandma would make them for special occasions and everyone would swarm the dessert table hoping to get one or two before they were gone. You can not go wrong with a caramel chocolate flavor combination. All of the ingredients are easily accessible and most likely in your pantry right this second. The caramel I used is a simple ice cream topping but if you wanted to get daring you could make a homemade version in just a few extra minutes.

Get creative and switch up the types of chocolate you use. We always lean towards semi sweet but I bet a milk chocolate would be just as good. You could probably even substitute half of the chocolate with a butterscotch chip for an even sweeter version!

caramel bars 2

I will warn you in advance. These are MESSY. Make sure you supply lots of paper towels or napkins for your guests so they can avoid making a sticky mess.