Thanksgiving is just around the corner which means you are most likely planning turkey, side dishes, and pies… But what about breakfast? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. These caramel apple donuts are a great fall treat or, as I like to think of them, apple pie for breakfast.


Donuts used to intimidate me beyond belief. The thought of frying something was so intimidating and made me incredibly nervous. Mainly the cleanup after and the wonderfully awful smell I assumed came with heating oil in our teeny tiny kitchen are what really kept me away. The GOOD news? It wasn’t even remotely as terrible as I thought it would be. There is little prep work, no smell, and cleanup was a breeze! I’m super happy we dived into the wonderful world of fried desserts (er… um… breakfasts?).


I went with a tart apple donut because it’s fall and the only other option was pumpkin. After posting muffins, cheesecakes, and latte’s with the flavor I’m about pumpkin’d out. Instead of doing a glaze or powdered sugar dusting I decided to kick things up to the next level with a CARAMEL topping. Caramel apples are totally a fall favorite, right? Why haven’t I seen caramel apple donuts out there?? (Probably because the Northern Utah donut game is not great)


I dipped the tops because while we like the candied goodness we don’t love a super sweet donut, but you definitely can coat the entire thing.