Celebrate berry season! This Blackberry Spice Cake is light and perfect for Summer, but still offers some fun and complex spice tones that will be sure to please a crowd.

Blackberry Spice Cake

Hi ya’ll! It’s Christina from Food Apparel. And no, I’m not really a Southerner, but for some reason, I just really like saying “ya’ll”.  I’m really excited to be sharing some foodie love for the Everything Food Conference. I get all giddy and giggly when I talk about food. And sometimes shed a tear or two over the deliciousness of it all. It’s a little ridiculous, but completely justified really.

So, in case you are meeting me for the first time through this post, I have a little secret I want to share about myself. I’M A FOOD ADDICT. I LOVE FOOD. I really do. Love creating dishes, exploring new ingredients and flavors, scouring cookbooks, finding awesome kitchen gadgets, and especially EATING. I especially love chocolate and cheese, and experimenting with spices.

christina-family-photoI do love other things, too. I love my cute little family – wonderful husband and 3 little girls, and who could forget, my dog (also all foodies). I love traveling (part of that being experiencing the different cuisines from around the world). I love music, going on walks with my husband, a good movie, and a good laugh.

Food has always been an important part of my life. My motto is since we have to eat every day, we should do it well. Some of my fondest memories are built around family events involving food. There are things to celebrate in food all the way from the simple to the complex. It should not be a “chore” to eat. That being said, we live very busy lives these days, have different diets, and different budgets. We hope that you’ll take a second to check out what Food Apparel has to offer, from our extensive recipe collection, to our “food apparel”. 😉

Blackberry Spice CakeNow for this cake. Growing up, it was my job to “take on” the blackberry bushes. In other words, since I was one of the youngest, I’m the one who was assigned to climb into the bush into the hard to reach spots to get all of the bounty. (Luckily, these were a thornless variety or that could’ve had really bad end results). We always had an abundance of blackberries every late summer and ate tons of blackberry jam, cobbler, pie, and just plain or on ice cream. Because of this I am a blackberry lover!

Enter years later at my sister’s house. She brought out this shiny glossy cake with a pile of blackberries on top. Now, I trust my sister’s taste so I knew that this was gonna be good. Serving up, I discovered that it was combo’d up with a spice cake. Now, I liked spice cake, but didn’t really love it. But thinking about the combo of blackberry and spice cake was intriguing my taste buds.

Blackberry Spice CakeAnd intrigue it did. I am in love with this flavor combination! Blackberries and cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg……well these flavors really do go hand in hand. It was complex but not overwhelming, and the blackberries made it super moist. I looked up the original recipe that she’d found on Epicurious so I could take my hand at it.

Holy cow! It had A LOT of calories in the frosting. Like, I think I might have passed out when I looked at it because one slice would have been my daily caloric allowance (not like I’m one for die hard counting, but this was borderline insane). Also, I wanted to make sure the cake was SUPER moist but at the same time, not have to make it complicated. Finally, even though the recipe had berries, I wanted MORE MORE MORE. So, I put my own personal flair on this cake by simplifying the actual cake, amping up the berries, and then decorating it with simple whipped cream to lighten it up and give it that “rustic” cake look that is so trendy right now.

I love how it turned out and how it looks. Oh, I love this cake. It’s a perfect way to say farewell to summer and start welcoming in the crisp cool autumn days. Give it a try!

Blackberry Spice Cake