Foodie Boot Camp at Everything Food Conference 2020

Imagine walking into a room full of beautiful backdrops, props, fresh ingredients laid out and ready for you. All you have to do is bring your camera and laptop to start creating content for YOUR blog.

Well, now YOU CAN!

After attending dozens of workshops full of great ideas, but no time to actually IMPLEMENT those ideas, foodie Brooke Lark and Lindsay Cotter wanted to change the game. Create a boutique experience where everything you need to work (and work hard!) is right at your fingertips.


  • Ingredients, props and backdrops.
  • Professional food photography mentors there to answer questions as you work.
  • A full day to do nothing but shoot. At your own natural light food photography station. In a room designed to support focus, creative abundance and flow.
  • A second day dedicated to photo editing, blog writing, post crafting. With SEO, Pinterest and other experts on hand.

Now Foodie Boot Camp comes to EFC 2020! This exclusive 2-day workshop happens just before Everything Food Conference kicks off. Two days to focus, work, better your skills and build your blog before you dive into the deep learning that is Everything Food.

At Foodie Bootcamp, you’ll come for 2 days, work hard, play hard, and walk away with up to 16 original recipes and blog posts. Bring your camera and laptop, we’ll take care of the rest.

Experts in recipe development, food styling, photography, SEO, copywriting, Lightroom and more will be there to guide you in creating incredible content for your brand.

Everything you need from ingredients to props will be available for you to create and capture some seriously stunning eats.

On day 1, you’ll be party bused from the Davis Conference Center down to Cotter Crunches beautiful venue, The Gathering Place, to photograph in the natural light studio a your own dedicated foodtography station. Use our 8 Recipe Stations to guide your creation. Visit the fully stocked Farmer’s Market to gather ingredients, then style, prop, set, and shoot to your hearts content.

Experts in photography, lighting, and styling will be there to answer questions, offer guidance, and spread inspiration. Build your recipe and help yourself to the dozens and dozens of provided ingredients. Try new styles, new angles, and new ingredients. Don’t tell your mother we said this, but in this studio, don’t be afraid to play with your food, and work in an environment that nourishes your creativity!

On day 2, once again you’ll be bused down from Davis Conference Center to Cotter Crunches beautiful venue, The Gathering Place, to recharge and relax in the library, a quiet space where you can work AND have instant access to professional mentors there to answer any question you have about editing, Lightroom, copywriting, SEO and Pinterest.

Get focussed and stay in the flow, everything about today is designed to support your time to edit your ability to edit photos, write your posts, and create more recipes for future content creation.

And of course, Foodie Bootcamp is all about your brand. So you’ll not only walk away with original content ready to go for YOUR blog, you’ll also walk away with valuable connections. You’ll meet other foodies and incredible mentors, all of whom you’ll have time to meet, work with, and learn from.

What you get:

  • One 2020 Everything Food Conference Ticket
  • Snacks and bites throughout the day to keep you fueled
  • Access to mentors and experts in photography, styling, recipe development, Lightroom, and more.
  • One to two full days of photography at your own photography station
    • Access to dozens of ingredients
    • Access to experts in photography, recipe development, styling, and lighting
    • Setup near a window perfect for natural lighting
    • Kitchen tools and appliances necessary to create recipes in each category
  • One full day of copywriting, post creation, and SEO guidance in the library
    • Access to experts in lightroom/photoshop, SEO, copywriting, and post creation.
    • Wi-Fi access
    • Connection, conversation, and branding with other attending foodies