We have Vanilla Ice to thank for that line, but we have YOU to thank for all the honest, uplifting, and constructive response to the EFC2018 survey.

We’re resolving to make EFC2019 even more user-centric to meet your specific needs, whether you’ve been blogging for 15 years or 5 months. We’re seeing a common thread in our feedback and survey results–no matter what your skills or level of success, you’re looking to connect MORE. More workshops, more hands-on experiences, more time to learn from those you admire, and more ways to nurture your whole person in order to bring your best to business and personal life. We hear you, and we’re right there with you.

We were thrilled to learn over 90% of survey respondents LOVED the convenience of the Davis Conference Center, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to DCC again in 2019!

When: May 1st-4th, 2019
Registration: Look for tickets on sale this FALL! Watch this newsletter for more details, and join our Facebook group for the most up-to-date information (like winners to next year’s conference!).

We’re always looking for fresh faces as we continue to make EFC all about YOU! If you have what it takes to connect with our attendees and teach valuable tools, get ready to answer our open call for speakers on JULY 9TH!

The team at EFC also wants you to know we’re listening to your other feedback involving sponsors, special opportunities, and of course, food! Please feel free to drop us a line with your thoughtful suggestions on vendors, caterers, meal themes, and making delicious options available for a variety of dietary needs.

Next year seems so far away, but we’ve got something up our sleeve to help get you through…look for BIG NEWS coming soon.  In the meantime, we know you’re all hard at work putting your new skills and connections to use.

Kickin’ it until next time!

Lots of love,
Kami and the EFC Team